Our Work

As humans, we have to aim beyond ourselves to evolve and push limits we put up ourselves. Axiom Climate exists to break the barriers and evolve as humans. The fluctuation in our climate stands in direction relation to people, our activities and daily choices. Axiom Climate aims educate its customers and the greater community on the intersection of ice and water through smart water technology, outdoor gear and educational experiences.  




Learn about when ice climbing began and WHY, how the sport has grown over the last 20 years, understand the risks one undergoes to perform ice climbing and grow in the skills in getting out on the ice wall and maybe one day, Denali in Alaska. 



Climate adaptation and water technologies to help:

  • farmers and society manage acidification and drought 

  • businesses (eg; real estate) and society manage floods

  • society manage water quality challenges stemming from a warmer atmosphere, like harmful algal blooms, invasive species, etc.




Climate and water education is key for our health, safety, giving us tools to better care and heal our Earth today and in the next 500-1000 years.