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Axiom Climate is a water risk consultancy motivated by designing and strategizing innovative integrated experiences for the public to understand water related climate issues first hand.

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Water is Earth's most vital resource but is highly at risk from scarcity, flooding, overuse, pollution, and soaring demand.

Axiom believes in understanding and experiencing the value of water and ice through lived experiences and by connecting clients to innovative technologies that help us adapt to changing water cycles.


Water Change is Climate Change


Listen to Axiom founder Lauren Enright and collaborator Michael Stanley Gallisdorfer on
(don't) Waste Water 
a podcast 
with Antoine Walter


Lauren Enright | Founder & CEO

Lauren founded Axiom Climate in early 2020. Her background is in climate security and network building, corporate risk management, maritime security, ski instruction, sales strategies and water risks are what form Axiom Climate’s foundation. She has worked alongside intelligence agencies, law enforcement, scientists, farmers, CEO’s, and academic institutions such as Columbia Climate School, Stanford University and the Center for Climate and Security. She is a certified professional consultant through the Alliance of Water Stewardship, trained Close Protection for HNWI, recreational ice and rock climber, professional ski instructor (PSIA) and part of the Coast Guard Auxiliary.

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MacKenzie Klein | Lead Industrial Designer

MacKenzie Klein has been in the Design and Build industry since her industrial design degree in 2012. She has been working with her own clients since 2013 and has formally run her own company with a partner since 2017. As the principal designer, with every project she generates a set of plans either for shop use, vendor use, or city planning in specific cases. Additionally, a set is developed for client proposals that include renders, material samples and flow through function. These different representations lend themselves to MacKenzie fostering a versatile approach to design, thinking of both build process, use, aesthetic and technical requirements.

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Indrani Pal | Partner

Indrani is foremost a Water Scientist and devoted mom of two gorgeous girls. Her experience as a Research Team Lead, NOAA Center for Earth System Sciences & Remote Sensing Technologies, City University of NY, Faculty Advisor & Lecturer, Graduate Programs in Sustainability Management and Science, Columbia University, NY have all led her to be a natural fit with Axiom Climate's goals.

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